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Thread: converting mpg2 into raw avi...

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    converting mpg2 into raw avi...

    Hello. I need to convert one of my animations from school so that I can put it on internet. I need to convert a mpg2 file into raw avi (without codec) or into mpg4 or sorenson3. What program should I use?
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    You may have problems with this, as MPEG2 is a lossy codec. That being said, (on the Mac) you need something like VideoLAN Client (VLC)
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    I use this:

    It's very good, and it's free.

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    do a google search

    for mpg2avi
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    Virtual Dub found at There are also additional free filters you can get to convert to and from different formats not initially supported by Virtual Dub, which is free also, and an awesome capture/minor editing tool!
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