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Thread: Where find free lscripts?

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    Where find free lscripts?

    There seems to be much more internet info about plug-ins than lscripts.

    Here is what I have found so far about lscripts:

    lscript docs are available at:
    How to subscribe to lscript mailing list, and get access to archive of that list.
    faulknermano's Dedicated LScript Site
    lots of scripts - and I see by reading this forum that he is helpful and generous to learners.
    Bob Hood- the author of lscript.
    Release notes, and appendices. FAQ.
    "Download" page has scripts.
    various scripts.
    A site dedicated to ... lscript programming. Brett Hester is the webmaster...
    *** But, the Home Page pops up a username / password box - I've sent e-mail to bh asking how to join. ***
    Weighter (set weights on simple shape, transfer to complex shape)
    so far, only has "Weighter", listed above.
    TreeCage, parameterized tree "grower"

    ***** Any other lscript sources? *****
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    this is carl's site.

    and, of course, the one and only:

    but riki's right.. more to be had in but it's not site-oriented.. rather plug-oriented, if you catch my meaning.

    .. and thanks for the kind of words,..
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