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Thread: LW Demo Reels

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    LW Demo Reels

    Call for LightWave Demo Reels...please send your reel to:

    Attn: William Vaughan
    5131 Beckwith Blvd.
    San Antonio, TX 78249

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    Lightwave Pimp Skonk's Avatar
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    I really need to sort out a demo reel for myself, hmm actually i also need to sort out my portfolio too lol.

    uh wha?

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    Working on it... won't be for a while, sorry Proton, : shrug :
    "Reality is just an imagination, Imagination is the true reality."

    [url=][COLOR=firebrick][size=2][B].: visit my online portfolio :.[/B][/size][/COLOR][/url]

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    Hey William, what format- resolution do you want?

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    720 by 486 would be best....the greater the quality the more uses for it

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    Krazy Kiwi kevman3d's Avatar
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    What media would be preferable? At NTSC, that would have to be on CD from me - I can only dub in PAL, though I haven't looked closely at my Digital8 - Apparently it *might* be capable of recording as NTSC, but then you'd end up with a D8 tape!

    Any reason? Are you compiling a newtek reel?

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    Why are you looking for demo reels?

    I still have the newtek demo reels 1 and 2 from my Cool Friends kit if you want me to send that in...

    I also still have my cinnamon kitty but you can't have that.

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    Several reasons......

    >>I'd like to see all the cool stuff LW users have on their reel

    >>I'm constantly being asked by the studios to help find talent....this would allow me to have a database of users that I can pull from

    >>I would love to be able to have a collection of work that I could request permission to use it for various projects that I'm working on....

    We are getting this kind of stuff from teh big shops and I know that alot of you are doing unbelievable work that compares to the big studios....

    CD will work just fine if VHS won't ....

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    Dear Mr. Proton (sir);

    I just realised what kind of tutorial we here in the Lightwave user forums need.

    "How to make a Demo Reel".

    Think Newtek could put together such a tutorial?

    (it's important to me because in one or two more projects I'll be putting together my own demo reel...)

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    I will gather some info for a tutorial on making demo reels.....could be a nice addition to the site...

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    Can you take DVD? My VHS output isn't the highest quality, so if you're thinking of using any of it for promotion I'd want to send it in digital.
    Carpe Carpem

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    Krazy Kiwi kevman3d's Avatar
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    Auckland, New Zealand
    What about PAL vs NTSC? I know here in New Zealand, I can play both (its pretty standard on every VCR or DVD player you buy now - Play both PAL and NTSC)

    But of course, I'm not sure about the rest of the world!

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    NTSC would be best in this case....

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    Mmmm a demo reel tutorial would definately be a great idea.

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