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Thread: NewTek Party 04 Door Prize Info

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    Talking NewTek Party 04 Door Prize Info

    Greetings to the entire NewTek Community (Users, Dealers, Third Party Developers and, of course, Tim and his group at NewTek)

    I have received word from Ted Ruiz, Sr. that the “NewTek Party 04” (formerly Toast 04) during NAB is a go. Check his post on this discussion forum for details on when and where (and how to donate funds to cover the costs of the party).

    Once again, while Ted is handling the arrangements and funding (he needs your help with any $$$ you can spare), I will be handling the door prizes.

    I am calling on all persons and businesses who develop and/or sell any hardware, software, or literature product(s) that support or work in conjunction with any NewTek Product and are financially able to, to donate one or more of your products as Door Prizes for the attendees of the “NewTek Party 04”. Any product (hardware or software) that would be of use in a VT editing suite or LightWave studio qualifies as a door prize. Gift certificates are also welcome.

    I am fully aware that some of you are operating on limited budgets and won’t be able to donate anything and I respect that. Bless you for hanging in there and keeping your valuable business going.

    For the previous two parties (Toast 02 and Toast 03), the NewTek community donated over $10,000 worth of products each year as door prizes. This year, I would like to surpass that amount. My guess is that one out of three to four attendees left the party with some sort of door prize; that is much better odds than playing any of the casino games.

    I will be sending separate emails to all dealers and third party developers that I can to personally request donations. However, you don’t have to wait until I contact you; you can contact me thru an email or snail mail at the addresses below. (I have already been contacted by two developers with offers of donations; Thank you Bob Tasa and Felipe Esquivel.)

    I will try to post an updated donor list on a weekly basis. If you donate an item and DO NOT want your name listed in these posts, be sure to let me know.

    Lastly, since I live in Las Vegas and per the request of Bob Tasa, I will be bringing my VT3 system to the party so he may demo his new plugins. If you also want to show off your product, please include a clearly marked copy with your other donations. Within reasonable limits, and on a first come, first served basis, I will insure each product marked as such will get some demo time during the party.

    You have two options on delivering your donations:

    1. You can mail/ship the items to me ahead of the party and I will ferry the items to the party in bulk, (preferred method – helps me to be better prepared for the drawings the night of the party), or

    2. You can bring the items to the party yourself. Please bring them early so I may sort them out for the drawings.

    Contact Information:


    [email protected]

    Snail Mail:

    Ron Gratreaks
    Door Prize Coordinator
    5501 Green Willow Street
    Las Vegas, NV 89130-1647



    Many thanks,
    Hope to see y’all at the party!
    Ron Gratreaks
    Silver Fox Media
    Las Vegas, NV
    and soon (Maybe?, Hopefully! )
    [email protected] (Business & Personal)

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    Thanks Ron for taking this part of the planning.
    Lookign forward to seeing you all again and maybe winning some great prizes!
    Ted R. Ruiz Sr.
    Ad-Venture Video Productions
    Elite NewTek Dealer
    TriCasters, Most All Models
    Cameras-Mostly HVX 200's


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