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Thread: Discussion forum for game developing, and Newteks commitment to gamedev.

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    Discussion forum for game developing, and Newteks commitment to gamedev.

    Shouldn't there be a forum for this? Or where am I supposed to ask and discuss such things?

    My big question is whether Newtek has started taking game developing a bit more serious yet (blurbs aside) and started helping out with converters, exporters, code, etc.
    But with even a discussion area lacking... what gives?

    I'd love to make Quake 3 models, Operation Flashpoint models and models for use in my own game developing, but finding good 3rd party plugins is a hassle - especially if one wants to export animation and texture mapping information - IMO these are plugins that probably should ship with LW3D out of the box (at least for the big 3D game engine formats).

    Throw me a bone, someone.

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    I use LW in a game dev studio, and can't really imagine having anything to say specifically about games content that can't be said on the other forums. The only problems I ever encounter are to do with our in house conversion tools & 3ds Max - which everything I do has to pass through so I can use the same tools that everyone else here uses.

    Maybe you should call it a Modders Forum? I don't really consider this to be the same as full time game development. I don't mean that as an insult either, it's just that the timescales, deadlines & restrictions on what you can produce within the confines of a game design are more restrictive than creating objects for Quake or Counterstrike in your own time.

    Not to say that I wouldn't be interested in what people would have to say in *that* type of forum, after all, people who don't operate under the restrictions noted above can have more time to learn interesting new tricks.

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