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Thread: sister vasquez , object + rig on e-bay !!

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    sister vasquez , object + rig on e-bay !!

    after a funny evening with a friend.. i decided to put this one on ebay.. time for here to bring me some $$$

    just curious to see if the stuff would be sell
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    Whats the american expression?

    I'd buy that for a dollar

    Good luck with it, hope you have a decent reserve.

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    Only free postage within the US!? What a Sham!!!

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    I can't believe it. My $1.00 bid has been outbid...

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    i want to believe...

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    wohhhaaa... almost 5 $ ... cool me soon really riche


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    Similarities by accident...?

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    Sacre Bleu! Mais, il est riche ce lui la! Je crois qu'un mechant petit plan se forme dans ma tete! WooAh Ha ha ha!...

    Bonne chance dans t'as nouvelle entreprise, Monsieur Xtreme.

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    would be lovely if you could accept :-(

    please power off before disconnecting connecting connectors

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    would be lovely if you could accept :
    ok ok if at the end enough money come together (over 500 $ ) then i would go trough the boring and painfull [( at least for me )process of setting a paypal account

    Similarities by accident...?
    cool !! is that a foto??
    funny even the pose look a bit like mine

    yep that should b an accident

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    He's not a t...., maybe he was inspired, that's it . we all are inspired by surrounding stuff.... and as a matter of fact, what's the deal with that...?

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    for the people who want to see my ( long) reply to this ugly and disturbing persone named eggy ..
    please go to :

    upppsss by the way stealling design everywher ???

    any exemple ?


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