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Thread: LightWave Eight FX test

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    LightWave Eight FX test

    Ou Beta testers are hard at work testing LightWave Eight and one of them created a quick test scene that we wanted to show you.

    Tools Used:

    >cloth FX on the 2 point poly chain then Saved the calc.

    >FX metalink the rope

    >FX hardlink the ball

    >Hard FX on three of the walls and the floors inbetween.

    FXTest: 900k divx avi

    Special thanx to the Beta Tester that put this together. He still wants to tweak it but I thought you guys would like to see a wip.

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    That's impressive! Is the building made from individual bricks?

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    Thats really cool thanks proton.
    echo bloontz question, if it is individual bricks is that hard to do?

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    looks pretty cool but i have afew questions and afew observations

    will the dynamics be able to tell where gravity would be enough to pull and object down? - hmm the bricks above the main impack point would in the real world have collapsed - would make this alot more belieavble if the front collapsed just asft the wrecking ball passed through

    and i noticed some of the bricks are jumping around abit take it you can tweak them to not do that yes?

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    neato! i wish software was available to do that sort of thing. :P

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    as mentioned above...this is a wip....he didn't want it out till he was done but I couldn't resist. all kinds of options for tweaking.

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    Can you set the individual pieces to have self collision?
    It looks as if some pieces fall through each other.

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    Is the floor a single poly that is broken dynamically or is it built from multiple pre-broken parts? A 2nd camera angle from inside the building would be pretty cool!

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    Looks really cool! Thanks for showing it. Please show more such stuff if you can.

    BTW, to answer some of the questions... this is what I understood from videos and such:

    The bricks and floors can be all in one layer, they don't have to be in seperate layers.
    You can set the individual pieces to self collision.
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    Anyone wanna try and guess how many blocks are in that sim
    or how long it took to calculate?

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    discrepancy in 2 cuts

    In the last frame of the first cut - the wall gets a hole beneath the ball, before the ball actually hits it. Also the chain goes through the wall before breaking it apart. An obvious fallacy.
    In the second camera take (cut 2) the animation seems OK. Looks like two movies were eked out from two different settings. The first one obvously did not work 100%. Wonder why BT placed the first one there....

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    lesson learned about posting a WIP in the forums...I will let the testers finish before I post anything in the future.

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    Naww Proton. I think you made it quite clear that it was a WIP, and tweaking was still in progress.

    What you should have done is write a 3 page essay complete with dozens of screenshots, detailing every setting, poly/point count, and an explanation of how every element was constructed, modelled & rigged. And just to make sure you have every aspect covered, included multiple camera angles & a printout of the path of each individual brick as it flies off.

    Alternatively, you could just carry on showing us things as they come, with a concise & descriptive list of features used.

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    Originally posted by proton
    lesson learned about posting a WIP in the forums...I will let the testers finish before I post anything in the future.

    Poor bloke! Everyone just jumps all over you I thought it was very cool, and no one would probably notice if it was part of a film... On it's own though, in front of a lot of artists, they pick it to pieces.
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