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Thread: trouble in 7.5b on object replacement

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    trouble in 7.5b on object replacement

    I sometimes get crashing in Layout when replacing objects.
    Usually happens when I have heavily tweaked an Endomorph
    (fixing split/non-weldable points etc) or working on UV maps.

    I've also noticed that even though split points have been fixed
    layout will still display an unwelded seam.
    To fix this I had to do all manner of wierd things over and beyond
    the usuall methods of fixing split points/seams across endomorph
    Modeler would crash sometimes while trying to fix this too.

    I have an example to send in if interested.



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    another example of a crash on object replacement.

    ***not using the HUB here (i.e. -0 in the short cut)***

    load an object into Modeler
    load it into Layout

    in Layout:
    tweak its surface and save the surface from Surface Editor
    save the scene (not the object - I want to keep the original
    surfaces intact and load this surface via Layout when needed)

    in Modeler:
    tweak the model in modeler (original surfaces as they are)
    make a few more layers even - be sure to check the same
    layers that are in Layout and uncheck those that you made
    save the object

    in Layout:
    try to do an object replace with that object and I will crash most
    of the time on my set up...

    no UV maps - just a couple of 'clean' endomorphs in this object
    (related or not to this trouble I don't know)

    don't recall this with 7.5 even once.
    happens regularly now with 7.5b




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