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Thread: Goodbye Kansas Studio-Mocap for a 3D Proboscis Monkey & Hkan Hellstrm Music video

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    Goodbye Kansas Studio-Mocap for a 3D Proboscis Monkey & Hkan Hellstrm Music video

    Hi folks,

    Well..this guy in this Music video is probably very unheard of outside of Sweden, this video was nominated to Best Internationell rockvideo by the UK Music Video Awards.

    The Artist: Hkan Hellstrm, mostly celebrated by youngsters in such a degree he holds the Ullevi Stadium record in Gothenburg with 70 144 in the crowd 2016, and he has the records for 2014 as well, so he beats Bruce springsteen who had the previous records, and U2 and many more.

    Part of that is probably because he is a son of Gothenburg, not bad looking..and has a special style that rhymes with teenager very well.
    Cant say I have followed him or been a fan directly, but I can understand his popularity.
    As for this video, I think its cool and I like it, the gang..gang ..gang repeated rythm in the beginning is pretty genius.
    Before Hkan did go solo, he was a drummer.

    The lyrics is pretty brilliant as wel, cant describe it here though, but I think its about getting your dreams fullfilled, despite all those who point finger at you for not fitting in to something, not being able to sing or such, being mocked, like a probiscus monkey, and to really drive 140 km/hour in to the curve and not sleep before you fullfill your dreams.
    "All dreams fullfilled"the song is called, I think it may reflect how he actually feels right now.

    Goodbye Kansas Studio did the mocap, which you can see a little bit from in the end, and its Hkan himself doing the monkey moves.
    I wonder what they used for the fur etc? if it was Goodbye Kansas Studio who did that too that is? if anyone knows..please fill in.
    The monkey shows up around 1:50


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