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Thread: NDI drop-outs!

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    NDI drop-outs!

    We recently changed from static ip over a TP-link switch to dhcp over a Cisco 9300 Catalyst switch.
    And now we randomly get dropouts(?) on the cameras (Panasonic AW-HE130) in the Tricaster (410 plus).
    Didn't have this problem with the TP-link switch.
    We're currently trying to solve this. Anyone has an idea what to look for?
    Firmware and software should be up to date on all units.

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    Thanks in advance!

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    When you say dropouts, do you mean that video is stopping/freezing? Or that you can find sources on the network to select?

    I doubt DHCP is the issue (I run my NDI network with DHCP all the time). I question is what settings in the Cisco switch might be affecting things, but a better idea of 'dropouts' might help.
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