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Thread: Can't control one TC-1 with another

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    Can't control one TC-1 with another

    So I have two TC-1s on the same network-- TC1-01 and TC1-02. They are connected to each other through multiple NDI sources, so I know that data is passing back and forth. When I try to create a macro on TC1-01 that triggers another macro on TC1-02, though, I'm having no luck. I've tried setting the macro on TC1-02 to listen and then triggering the following macro like it says in the A&I Guide...
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    ...but TC1-02 never "hears" the trigger.

    Same thing happens if I try to control TC1-02 (which is coming into TC1-01 on Input 7) with the following macro...
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    ...and nothing on the other end... but I'm not even sure the syntax is right in this case.

    Any tips?

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    The http_request command looks correct. However, for this command to work you have to make sure the LivePanel password is disabled, otherwise it turns on authentication that will block the http_request command from communicating.
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    There's another approach to this that isn't particularly well documented right now (I just wrote a bug case to address this).

    Any system that supports NDI and Macros (3Play or TC, doesn't matter) connected to each other by at least one NDI connection can control the target system using net commands. without bothering with the IP address of the target. NDI connections identify themselves to one another, so you can simply send commands as in the following examples:

    Delay | Shortcut | Value | Key 0 | Value 0
    0 | net1 | | shortcut_name | ddr1_play .

    You can also add arguments to shortcuts that support them as follows:

    Delay | Shortcut | Value | Key 0 | Value 0 | Key 1 | Value 1
    0 | net3 | | shortcut_name | input1_volume | shortcut_value | -20

    Combining this with powerful shortcuts like play_macro_byname gives you a world of possibilities. BTW, it doesn't matter what the inputs are connected to. You can send a Take or Auto even though you've on;y connected to a DDR, for example.
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    Just tired this and it works! I'll be adding this information into my NewTekU Automation Class. I have information on NDI Commands, but didn't know about these.
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