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Thread: LW2018 documentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    well, that's another way of putting it.

    looking forward to LW2021

    just need some engineers.

    any time now.

    nice to finally read the truth from someone who clearly holds the answers.

    should you change your signature to True-LightWaver ?
    While I'm also concerned about LW's future, these statements are interesting. The assumption is that since the engineers with names we know are no longer working on LW then no one is. The assumption is that Viz isn't looking to go a little different direction with the software, something in line and complementary to their existing products, including tricaster. An assumption that Viz hasn't assigned anyone or hired anyone and has no plan for January and beyond regarding LW.

    This might all be true, I don't know, I suspect no one else on this forum does either despite their penchant for droning on endlessly about it. At the very least I'm hoping for a huge bug fix release, if we get a rock solid version of 2020 then I got what I paid for. Let's see what's next.
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