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Thread: Two screens in Windows 10?

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    Two screens in Windows 10?


    I am a new TriCaster user and not a very tech savvy person. I recently updated my computer to Windows 10 and lost all my settings. I would like to have two screens connected but for now just one is working. I am at lost and don't really know how to go about it all. Could someone lend me a hand, please?
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    You updated the TriCaster or some other computer connected to the TriCaster?

    The OS on the TriCaster not the normal 'Pro' version of Windows and will not upgrade.

    If this is another computer, what settings are you talking about? NDI Tools? There are few settings to configure, perhaps NDI Access Manager, but the majority of people use the defaults.
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    Oh, thanks for the question and answer, I had the same problem


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