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Thread: Text artifacts

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    Text artifacts

    I'm trying to create a text object in LW 2018, and I'm getting artifacts or extra faces in some of the letters. They show up usually in closed loop areas such as D, P, O, etc. I have sent these objects to layout to see if they render that way, and they do render with the artifact showing. Is there a way to fix this problem without a cut/paste and boolean / tunnel option? Here's a sample image.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	149105 In this sample it shows up on the "H"

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    Looks to me like OpenGL triangulation error. Basically it is just issue in viewport. What is important is whether F9 or VPR renders fine or not.
    If you're bothering, simply triangulate mesh.

    BTW, I made TrueArt's True Type Text plugin which lets you dynamically generate text in Layout:

    It is fixed to work with LW 2018-2020.

    There is also generated bunch of weight maps which lets you animate (or visualize) each letter, word, column, or word independently.
    Check out video tutorials of this tool to see various ways to animate (or visualize) text.
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    What font is it?

    You may fix ithis by checking buffered corners instead of sharp in the last settings of the numeric text panel, otherwise triple..but that can yield perhapsy to much divisions on the geometry that you may not want, you can also go in and correct manually by selecting points and connect them them through faces.

    Or first just make a point to point selection for the part that is the horizontal middle shape in the "H" letter, and connect, then select that part on the side that wasn´t connected and triple it, then just merge polygons, it should fix it.

    But I recommend try fix it by checking buffered corners.

    In this image I have fixed it manually by connecting points on One of the "H" letters, and it also worked with buffered corners.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Step by step manual fix, animated gif, should work.

    1. Connect points, select points and "l" for connect.
    2. Select polygons
    3. Shift-t to triple
    4. Shift-z to merge polys

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fix text.gif 
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