I'm developping an application of titling that uses CasparCG.

I face a problem of flickering in the preview.
My configuration :
Tricaster TC1 : session PAL HD 1080i50
CasparCG version 2.3 with native NDI

Preview on HDMI monitor through Quad.

I emit a fixed picture on NDI from casparCG and whatever the mode of video selected there's a flicker on the TC1 preview, happyly, the output seems to be correct.
With Studio monitor on the same computer as CasparCG, the result is correct if the vidéo mode is not interlaced, but, interlaced, it flickers the same way.

When I put the CasparCG video on an overlay over a video from 3Play, Only the part of CasparCG flickers.

When I make a session NTSC HD 1080i60 on the TC1, the flicker disappear.
Weirder, with a session PAL HD 1080p50, the problem as well disappear.

I made the conclusion that the problem comes from the treatment of CasparCG NDI in interlaced mode but I can't explain why the 1080i50 only is loosy ?

Do you have an idea of how to correct that ?

Why the NDI from casparCG is different from 3play one ?

I can use the config but it's disturbing for the user.