Hey guys,

I just wanted to hear about peoples experience with the Newtek NDI PTZ camera's.
I mostly see people either with the Panasonic AW-HE130 or just generic Dannovo OEM camera's.
I wonder where do the Newtek camera's fit between, in terms of quality.

I found out that the Chinese OEM Dannovo builds the PTZ cameras for a whole lot of brands like ptz optics and huddle cam and many more.
I already have one of these oem brands, and i would like to upgrade to something more high end.
Only connector i use is the UTP for NDI + Poe.

Panasonic is of course a leader in the field but i would like something a bit of not the standard camera everyone chooses. Its more fun.
So the Newtek camera's look cool but after seeing the Marshall CV730-NDI & CV630-NDI who are almost exact like for like the newtek 4k camera's i'm afraid that they are just again common OEM.
Maybe from the same factory as i have now.

Anyone got detailed experience with these camera's compared to Sony or preferably Panasonic?
As guys who brought the NDI to market i would love to have there camera's if they match up.

Thanks in advance