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Thread: TC 450 to 450 Extreme update

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    TC 450 to 450 Extreme update

    Hello wise people. My question is. Can 450 software be updated to 450 Extreme?
    And why is Animation Store Creator nos appearing in the add ons menu? But is in the C Drive. But cant see in LIVE the generated custom transition?
    2 questions ;-P

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    Animation Store Creator was to create custom transitions which is part of the TriCaster 450 Extreme system, but not part of the standard 450 (non-Extreme) system.

    ASC is probably on the drive, since the software was similar but this aspect was one of the things that separates these systems feature wise. I would expect that a software feature that can't be used would be hidden from access to make it less confusing.

    TC450 license and updates are no longer for sale (they haven't been for many, many years now), but the system can be traded in towards a current model TriCaster.
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