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Thread: Audio sync wanders out on recording and stream on Mini?

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    Audio sync wanders out on recording and stream on Mini?

    I recorded and streamed a 90 min program the other day and during the show, the web connection faltered slightly. (External to Mini)

    This set the audio sync out on Youtube, but I wasn't worried as I was recording the main output too internally on the Mini.

    However when I played back the recording from the master channel, the sync went on on that too, getting worse over time.

    So my question is, does the external connection effect the recording sync? Or is there a setting I should use to make sure this doesn't happen again?

    Just seeking to understand why this would happen on the internal recording.


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    What is your method of inputting the audio? I encountered a drift of 5 frames when bringing audio in through an xlr connector to a board. When going through the Spark and NDI it was fine.

    I solved the drift by adding a delay of 220ms to the input.



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