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Thread: How To Compile LightWave 3D Plug-In Tutorial Full HD video

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    Talking How To Compile LightWave 3D Plug-In Tutorial Full HD video

    In this video tutorial I showed how to compile LightWave 3D Plug-In in Visual Studio Community 2015.
    Procedure in VS 2017, or VS 2019 should be pretty much the same (or similar).

    Download Visual Studio Community for free from Microsoft website and try compiling plug-ins by yourself:

    The one thing that is not mentioned in the video is that you should duplicate (or simply rename) files in lwsdk\source, from *.c to *.cpp.
    Compilation of mixed files with .c and .cpp extensions is troublemaker during linking.

    Best Regards!

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    According to YouTube there is needed at least 100 subscribers to set some needed details of the channel.

    ps2. I made some mistakes for educational purposes. e.g. added servdesc.cpp to the project. Every beginner will do it. But should not.

    ps3. Professional plug-in programmer would compile linkable library first, and link it in the project (it is in $(LWSDK2020)\Lib and file is named LWSDK64.lib in my case).
    But this is harder for beginner, as you would have to set up two VS projects, instead of one. It would extend video by 3-5 minutes, with repetition of the same process.

    ps4. Start from making environment variable LWSDK2020 (or whatever you want). You will need to restart Visual Studio, if you will add some environment variable, if it is already running.
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    Thank you very much for these excellent video and post!
    One question, could other compilers like gcc or IDE like codeblocks be used to compiling LW plugins? VS is huge!

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    Thank you very much for this.
    I shall tackle this over the weekend.


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