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Thread: Does the spark io 4k have a battery pack available?

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    Does the spark io 4k have a battery pack available?

    Ordered three connect sparks ....the old ones from B&H last spring along with three mobile battery mounts from Mobile Studios. I was all the sparks were discontinued and now i got the replacement, an upgrade, the Spark IO 4k. Heres the problem....the power requirements and plugs are different. The battery pack has a 12 volt output, the new spark now has a 16 volt input. Can i power this thing up without using a seperate battery, or can i retrofit this pack i have to work on the new spark...? thanks in advance.
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    The new Spark unit can be powered via USB-C input. I just connected my Spark IO SDI unit to my phone battery pack and it is up and running. How long it will last I do not know, the power drain is pretty fast, but this battery is also old (so it doesn't last long anyways).
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