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Thread: TC410 NDI Inputs Laggy

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    TC410 NDI Inputs Laggy

    EDIT: AE3 needed an update; seems to have solved it.

    Just fired up my TC410 (AE3) after having some repair work done on it. This unit has not had NDI sources routed to it in ages (sat idle for many months even prior to COVID, and we're wired for SDI in our normal studio), so I put NDI Tools 4.5 on there.

    Here's my issue: the TC410 has no issue seeing NDI sources on my home office network, and while audio plays back just fine, the video is very laggy. NDI output from the TC410 to my other computers - iMac 5K and iMac Pro - is just fine. Wirecast, OBS, NDI Recorder and NDI Virtual Input on those machines see the TC410's outputs without issue. It's only when I send NDI to one of the TC410's inputs where I'm having this lag issue. The only input that doesn't seem to have any issue is an older Connect Spark, which is of NDI|HX.

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