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Thread: Need to convert NT25 video files

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    Need to convert NT25 video files

    Sorry for posting this here again, but perhaps where I initially posted was a bad spot.

    I have a bunch of video files in the NT25 format, created with VT5 (basically SpeedEdit). I found and downloaded the codecs for my new Windows 10 machine. Windows Media Player can play the files, but nothing else. None of the video conversion apps I've tried can even read the files. I no longer have my VT5 machine.

    I'm hoping someone here can lead me to a conversion app or utility for these NT25 files, so that I don't loose them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello, have you been able to convert them? I still use VT5 and would be willing to try and help you out. You would need to send me one to test. How many files do you have to convert?
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