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Thread: Looking to upgrade gpu on budget for Lightwave, suggestions?

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    Looking to upgrade gpu on budget for Lightwave, suggestions?

    I know unless using octane a gpu upgrade wont benefit rendering, but Im wondering if it would speed up the vpr and layout view a little. My current Gpu is quite old now and only has 1gb memory. So ive been thinking about upgrading it to maybe 4 or 6gb. I cant really afford to lash out on an RTX card at £300-400 at this time, so looking for an improvement at around the £150-200 mark. I know I could possible get a good second hand one in this price range. I'm also looking for a card with dual dvi connection as I use 2 monitors and Ive heard that dvi is sharper than hdmi. (That may or may not be correct?) It could also possible help After fx on rendering out.
    Any suggestions?

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    Most cards you would want are going to be more beneficial, compared to your now, for AE than LW. If you get an Nvidia card with a goodly amount of cuda cores, it would help AE immensely.
    That would mean an nvidia card. Based on your budget, a gtx would align to your needs.
    I dunno/am not learning about the AMD offerings.
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