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Thread: TC Mini/HDMI --> update questions

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    Exclamation TC Mini/HDMI --> update questions

    This is a grades 6-12 school, using a TC Mini/HDMI, running Advanced Edition 5-1-191224C [according to the About screen].

    Two things I'm hoping someone can help us with:

    1) When I try to update the system [selecting the "Update" option] - there isn't anything updateable. Yet, I see on the downloads page that 7-1-xxxx is available.

    So can I update? Should I update? What are the caveats?
    [I know about pulling a backup - already have a hard drive at the ready. **THAT** was a lesson learned the hard way!]

    2) I'm hoping the update will fix this problem - but just in case:. We stream live to Youtube for the announcements, NOT using Events, just a stream key [and thus had to create a Custom stream profile.] It worked fine until a few weeks ago - now we have to do some serious finagling to get things to connect. Youtube Studio can see the stream, and throws a message to "start your encoder".... of course, the TC thinks it's streaming.

    Things that work, SOMETIMES:
    A) start/stop the stream
    B) Call up the stream info. Change nothing. Save it. Start the stream.
    C) Exit the session. Bring it back up. Try step A or B.
    D) Reboot the TC. Try steps A, B, or C.
    E) Have the students sing the fight song really loudly.

    OK - I **tried** E, but they just wouldn't do it.

    Suggestions, tips, ideas, puns much appreciated!

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    Rev 5-1-191224 is Advanced Edition 2, you are on the most recent version of AE2 software. The Rev 7-x software is Advanced Edition 3.

    I don't have an AE2 system around to test streaming to YouTube. I'd contact NewTek support.
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    We've seen the same exact issues with our Tricaster Mini running the same version of AE2; we also stream to YouTube via a stream key OR via the built in events picker (depending on what we can make work). Right now, the internal encoder in the Tricaster is not reliable for us to YouTube. Sometimes it won't start, sometimes it fails in the middle of an event for no reason, etc. Until we can spend more time troubleshooting, we've been feeding the MIX1 NDI output of the Tricaster to OBS on an external laptop and streaming to YouTube that way. That has been a very reliable workaround for us. We are on that latest 5-1-191224 build as well.
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    We also have a very sensitive TC mini (HDMI) running that same version.

    I would like to install a fresh version just to see if it fixes anything but I don't know where to download it from.

    Sometimes the mini doesn't boot all the way, sometimes it boots all the way but I have no control and the boxes for camera selection in the PTZ control flash white edges.

    Whatever I get each day it takes several restarts to get there.

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