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Thread: TC2 outputs

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    TC2 outputs

    2 Question plz

    1) there is a way to capture more than 1 application on the web browser? for example we want to capture a web page and also a youtube page. ccan we install other browser and has different feeds?
    2) what are the diferent between OUT 1-8 and MIX output ?


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    The web browser that is configured as 'default' in Windows is what appears in the App Desktop. If you need to capture two pages at once, you can run NDI Scan Converter on an external laptop. Using this process, you can bring in as many web pages as available inputs on the system.

    The OUT 1-8 is the NDI Matrix Router. Source for this can be a input source, media player source or a MIX output (it cannot be an M/E unless you direct it to a MIX output). This gives you 8 more 'outputs' that you can direct devices to, the NDI Matrix Router doesn't pass data through the TC2, it directs one NDI device to talk with another.
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