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Thread: TCXD AE3 intel driver

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    TCXD AE3 intel driver

    One of my TC460's started asking for an intel graphics update before being allowed to run AE3. I've downloaded the Intel driver program and it indicates that I have the latest driver. Is it possible that I need to downgrade the driver so TCXD recognizes it? The TCXD version is 7-3-200515. The second unit we have is at the same version level but it does not display the warning box on start.

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    Try and go into the BIOS and disable the Intel IGP.
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    We had the same issue, upgrading to the latest build of TC solved this. Is there a reason you are using an old build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joedemax View Post
    Try and go into the BIOS and disable the Intel IGP.
    Thank you that worked a treat
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