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Thread: onMax. Multiview Displays / Resolution on a TC2 Elite

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    Max. Multiview Displays / Resolution on a TC2 Elite

    I'm actually looking for multiview displays for my TC2 Elite that is going to be shipped within this week.

    How many Multiview / Interface Displays can I use with which resolution?
    I've somewhere read 2x 4k and 1x HD. But I don't know where I read this anymore and if it's right.

    In the manual it just says
    • The Live Desktop includes a large monitoring pane with multiple and easily customized Workspaces. By default, this area includes Program output and Look Ahead Preview monitors with associated controls, along with the most commonly used Switcher inputs; but many alternatives are available.
    • TriCaster 2 Elite provides three more multiviewer outputs to drive local displays, with configurable workspace layouts and viewports to permit directors and operators to customize the control environment to their preferences.

    But nothing about max. resolution. So: Can I use 4x 4k?

    Kane also told me in the last thread that I should use 4k when using App Desktop for LiveCall Connect so my Caller Windows have enough resolution left.

    Anymore hints? Does a 4k monitoring slow down anything?

    Kind regards
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