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Thread: Screw the Doom & Gloom - LW Still Rulez In My Arsenal, and Will for Years to Come

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    we can fix it in post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marander View Post
    It doesn't bother you that most developers including staff for documentation and support are let go or that developers like Oliver don't want to have anything to do with LW anymore?

    That there are no job positions open at VizRT or NewTek for LW?

    The faulty and thin LW 2020 release?
    Ye Gods! What do my feelings have to do with anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marander View Post
    The slow development pace in the past and giant gap to other 3D apps, lack of essential features?

    That almost no other 3D applications, render engines, bridges or plugins have a LW integration?

    The complete mess of old and redundant tools because no one at LW bothers to clean up or consolidate?

    That long standing issues like Alembic or SubD are still not fixed?

    Abandoned tools like Nevron or Chronosculpt?

    Broken commercial plugins?

    The complete lack of marketing, newsletters or learning material?
    Did you pay NT for any of these things?
    Did NT promise you them? Or promise to fix any perceived issues?
    Are you a shareholder in NT?

    No? Then what gives you the right to be aggrieved on how NT conduct their business?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marander View Post
    These are facts.
    This is history. This what The Usual Suspect do. Project their childish tantrums on to NT because they're not adult enough to realise that NT don't owe them a thing outside what they deliver.

    NT run their business the way that best fits their purposes. We as users are not privvy to their decision making processes and are absolutely powerless to enforce our demands.

    What we can do, is act like adults and see whether the company suits our needs or not. And if not, make the grown up decision to find and move to a company that does.

    There are those who do, and then there are The Clueless Moaning Minnies.

    That my friend, are the real facts of the matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marander View Post
    Well, NewTek decision makers, I rather not go into that.
    Thank you for sparing us. There's hope for you yet.

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    OK, enough with the personal tweaks ... I don't have a lot of time to wade through all of this, so to save time if it continues there just might be some unexplained disappearances.
    Regards, Steve
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marander View Post
    Careful with posting clouds, I don't think Prometheus will approve these!

    Sorry Prom, couldn't resist
    I actually do, there´s even a cute sunny (Kat) in there..very creative

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