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Thread: Remotecontrol of NDI Virtual Input

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    Remotecontrol of NDI Virtual Input


    does anybody know if it's possible to remote control NDI Virtual Input?

    Background: I'm using NDI Virtual Input to view the Camera Input on a Digital Signage System. This works great.
    Now we plan to add a second Camera to the System but i only have one Virtual Input Device. That's why i need to remotely change the input device (rightclick -> select input).

    I thought about using an auto Hotkey script that i can trigger using an TCP / powershell command. But it would be better to use some kind of direct API for this.

    Any idea?


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    You can use NDI Studio Monitor, which has a output feature. Whatever Studio Monitor is looking at, the device connected to the output will follow.

    NDI Studio Monitor has a web interface for control. I've also got some scripts that allow control from inside the TriCaster macro system.
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    Basically, in this context you can use Studio Monitor (the Windows version only, I think) as a router. Also, note that if you happen to be running either a VMC1 or a TC2 Elite, you have routed NDI outputs that would be ideal for this purpose.
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    Hi Kane, can we have NDI Virtual Input default to a certain camera on startup ? I'm putting it in the windows startup folder but if it always defaults to "none" selected which means it always needs to be manually tweaked to be useable. Thanks, Ken


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