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Thread: NewTek connect studio I/O module: KVM becoming black after some time

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    NewTek connect studio I/O module: KVM becoming black after some time


    We recently bought a NewTek connect studio I/O module and would like to use the KVM functionality in order to monitor and control the device remotely.
    When starting up the software on the device, the module becomes available over the network meaning we can both monitor and control the device via the KVM functionality.
    However, after some time (hours/days) when selecting the module's multiviewer source via NDI studio monitor, the image has gone black (although the KVM functionality is still available).

    anyone experiencing something similar? Or has any idea to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I generally have an App Desktop on Multiview 2, so my experience may not exactly match your configuration - but I have sometimes seen cases where an NDI 'receiver' such as Studio Monitor did not refresh on connecting to Mutliview 2 until I forced a new frame to be sent, such as by enabling KVM and moving the mouse pointer on that screen.

    Your experience sounds somewhat different, though, as you mention KVM is apparently still working, so not sure what's up with that.
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