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Thread: Function of Microphone button on Mixer 860/AE3

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    Function of Microphone button on Mixer 860/AE3

    Hi Checked the manual.
    On each audio input channel at the bottom below the fader, there is a Solo button which I assume acts like PFL and an additional button with a microphone symbol on it what does this microphone button do and how can it be used?
    I'm using Skype Creator and hope to be able to talk to contributors. My AE3 doesn't have the talkback channel on it.
    Also is there an audio control surface that works with AE# on an 860.
    Any help appreciated - surprised it's not in the manual.
    Thank you
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    The microphone button is talkover. It will lower all other audio channels except for the one you click on.
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    In answer to your control surface question, I'm using the Behringer X-Touch compact with Central Control. You'll need an external PC on the network for this. Works great and has lots of additional capabilities.


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