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Thread: Countdown overlay and scroling text

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    Countdown overlay and scroling text

    Hi there,
    I would like to get some suggestions from this community members.

    I have a project were the client require 2 things.
    One is that they want a 15 minutes countdoun overlay before the show start.
    We usely start streaming 15 minutes prior to the show and they want to make sure every attendee knows when the show start.

    The second thing is that they want to overlay some scrolling text, different messages,
    I know that we can do MP4 files and crop the video but I'd like something more dynamic, something that can be change on the fly if needed.

    All your suggestions will be appreciate.


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    Just heading out the door, but the first one can likely be handled easily using the Event Start Time feature and associated DataLink Key (%Time Until Next Event%).
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    You don't mention which model TriCaster, but if it is a more recent model, Advanced Edition 2 or later, so really not that recent. I have a free webapp that will create the countdown timer for you.
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    Yes I forgot to mention
    TC460 AE3 latest build

    Thanks to both of you guys for the countdown.
    Anyone can tackle the scroolling text;-)


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