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Thread: Bug or a feature when using 9:16 format?

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    Bug or a feature when using 9:16 format?

    Running a TikTok show today and loaded in everything last night to test. All of my roll-ins are formatted 9:16, as well as the show itself. Adding the video files directly through the DDR's "+" button brings them into the DDR just fine, but the "T" pops up, telling me I need to transcode them. In testing, all of them played back just fine without transcoding so I didn't worry about it throughout the test.

    After the test, I transcoded all of them and the transcode completely f-ed them up and appeared to stretch them to fit a different aspect ratio. I had to go in, delete the transcoded files, and then add them all over again. I am not transcoding them again.


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    Sounds like it - unless there is some particular issue with the source format, but even then it could likely be handled.
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