Hello, I was wondering if anybody here (with a little bit of experience) wanted to create an cartoon series with hacking humour. We would put it up on www.rotgut.org (not up yet).
rotgut.org is going to contain alot of humour, funny irc logs, movies, pictures, hopefully a cartoon, and alot more as we keep on growing. I'm Creating the homepage graphics in lightwave and a friend of mine is doing the coding in php (experienced coder. knows php, html, tcl, vb ++).
the cartoon creators will be a team of graphic designers where they themself come up with the ideas. we sould atleast have 3 ppl working on this.
We are sorry to inform that those who makes this cartoon does this for fun, it's not paid (it's a nonprofit site, means it's free)

if you want to join up, send me an email with your info, and maybe a work you have done, and we'll get back to it.
my email: [email protected]

hope I'll hear from you.