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Thread: Install failure

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    Install failure

    Hi. NDI is fantastic technology and I hope I can get this working.....I've installed thousands of programs and never seen anything like this. So I signed up, got my link, did the download, ran this install and everything seemed to go well. THen I started the app NDI Studio, and it started the install program for my Yamaha ASIO drivers.....yup. Starting the program ran a program to install Yamaha ASIO drivers, that are already installed....first time I just cancelled the install, but it would not shut down....So I rebooted and tried again....but the install program was still running so I had to power off and remove the battery....then I tried to run the NDI Studio again, and the install started....there were error messages and the install ran forever....I had a show to run, so again shutdown, powered off and gave up.

    Any ideas here?

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    Are these program in add/remove programs? Can you uninstall both, reboot and try installing them again. Maybe even look in the folders these these apps might install and clear them out in between.
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