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Thread: Emossing leaves on the bottle

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    Emossing leaves on the bottle

    I have to do a bottle with leaves and montains on surface in neck part. Exactly like here:
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	example-montains-on-bottle.jpg 
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    I know, that I can do it with bump, but then, during the 360 turn, the surface will be flat.
    I can do that with displacement map also, but then the surface must be in high density. And my com is not so fast.

    Any other way? Any idea?
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    Your best and fastest bet might be 3rd Powers sticker.

    The beginning of this video shows its use.

    As far as I know, it works with the current version of Lightwave, although I don't own it myself, so I don't have any experience with the plugin.

    You might also consider 3rd Powers Metamesh. It might help merge the bottle and leaves mesh more completely so that you can use the same material for the whole bottle.
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    3rd powers sticker probably won’t do what you want, metamesh maybe. But you really should use a displacement, even if your computer is slow. If you use a subdivision surface you only need the render subdivision to be high and you can work with low subdivision to keep your computer responsive.

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    Normal map,

    If you still need some level of contours, a displacement map..but you shouldnīt a need very high res mesh for it, only to lift some displacement bumps, the details the normal map should take care of.

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    Use a displacement map, make sure your mesh is setted as subdivision surface, and apply per polygon based on weight map in order to just put more subdivisions at render time only in the top area. Job done

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