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Thread: Marker Pen from DP's Rman collection

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    Marker Pen from DP's Rman collection

    I setup a scene with some liquid revealing itself via a morph controlled by the excellent Marker pen rom Denis.
    Now, I have a problem with the "popping" of the morph, as you can see in the video.
    I increased the marke pen samples to 1024 but It's really slow now and there is still a lot or popping.

    Any idea how this could be solved?

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    ok, plus the mesh "jitters" as if the morph was unstable. The marker pen must keep evaluating or something like that.

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    Depends how you used the Texture in your setup, number of samples has more to do with smoothed angles,
    something else I think.

    Marker Pen is usually directly used as texture displacement and stable in this case,
    if you just use the texture as a value for your morph,
    you need to be sure it is 100% for the revealed morph,
    I mean no fuzziness from the texture, something you can
    verify by testing the texture output only, if this is the case
    you should be able to correct this.

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    Thank you Denis. I used 2 null control and 2 marker pen nodes, connected with a vector clamp at the end to control the final "power".
    I did use quite a lot of fuzziness though, It seemed to fix a little the popping at the edge.
    I ended up using 4096 samples in both nodes, It does slow down a lot. I then baked a mdd ( It took soooo long) and brought It in Chronosculpt to fine tune the result.
    Far from perfect, still have a lot of little jittering all along the surface.

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    As I said increasing samples is just for smoothing curviness of the path/spline,
    I'm almost sure this has nothing to do with such popping.

    Fuzziness, if it gives that issue, this can be avoided, I think,
    if you clamp the output to 0.5 or even 0.2, then rescaling by 2 or 5 to get 1.0,
    kind of contrasting effect.

    Also a path/spline used as reference in Marker Pen, must stick/fit accurately to the surface.

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    hard to say, share parts of the scene, (delete elements>package scene)

    alternative, check over at Facebook
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    Could also be a mesh density issue. Have you tried to increase the mesh resolution ? | 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

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    Denis, I made the curve used to constrain the nulls in modeler using the points / vertex on the mesh Itself. I will test out more with marker pen but I'm a bit of a hurry on that job so, I ended up making a screen capture of my river mesh from the top axis, Cropping It to a square ratio, bringing It into fusion to make animated strokes B/W along the river, output a sequence that I used instead of the marker pen and It's very stable and clean even at 1024 pix res.
    Too bad, I was happy with the marker pen solution. I did use It in the past to dig holes and cracks in a terrain and It worked nicely. I guess my base mesh is too low poly, as I add displacement and subdivision later in the deformer chain.
    When this job is delivered, I will make a short video to show the idea and will try your solutions to solve the issues.

    Thank you all.


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