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Thread: Creating a macro that cycles through PTZ presets

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    Creating a macro that cycles through PTZ presets

    I am running a Birddog P200 for our set camera and we want to be able to push in and out into an ISO and a wide shot of the set. Does anyone know if there is any Macro language just to advance to next PTZ Preset so I can have one button that flips between the two programmed presets?

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    Pretty sure you can invoke a specific PTZ present, but I don't think there are previous and next equivalents. You'd have to build that externally, I suppose, but getting the current one isn't exactly possible, either. Presets are basically actions that say 'go here.' Once executed, there's no guarantee the camera is still at the position specified by the last preset applied.

    With a little ingenuity, you might be able to pervert the DataLink keys assigned to presets to figure out which one was fired last; on't know if there's another method to get that unless you track it externally.

    Another notion is that you could use a two-stage LivePanel Builder button to toggle your dueling presets ...
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    You could build a macro with pauses between each preset setup in order. Then run the macro, and each time you press the 'continue macro' button it will advance to the next preset. Just don't run any other macros in this process, as the 'continue macro' feature works with the last macro run.
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