I am looking for this version I need the NDI 3.0+ Runtime PKG for macOS. Does anyone have a copy of this? For I have an older Mac that I am running with max OS 10.11.6 and I would like to have NDI put on it so I can run a i.link or IEEE 1394 Camera. But I having a nightmare of a time trying to find an archival for this program

I would use the new version but it would seem that El Capitan does not work well with any anything above OBS 19.x and that means that only NDI 4.2.2 will work with that version and it needs the NDI 3.0 Runtime.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unless you can help me to understand how to get a new version of OBS to work correctly and will work with the NDI 4.5.1 run time.

One of the problems is related to the fact that with the OBS 24.x, 23.x, 22.x version is that it will either not allow the transition to other scenes or will keep the program screen black. For I see the image in the Preview under studio but when you try to translate it to the program view or streaming view, the screen remains black.

Thank you in Advance