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Thread: Streaming to TikTok?

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    Streaming to TikTok?

    Anyone had any success with this? TikTok generates a different key for each push and those keys are generated through the TikTok app. I have not been able to get the TC1 to hit TikTok at all.

    Any input?

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    I don't think that TikTok has an API for sharing content from Windows computer, just from mobile devices.
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    You can actually go live from an external device, but it's a bit wonky. I was able to get a program output of our TC1 to my TikTok account in a test today. Oddly enough, I was pushing a 9:16 program (720x1280) but it showed up as square on the app.

    It's anything but intuitive, but it can be done. Here is how you do it.
    1. You must have a TikTok live-enabled account
    2. The app is required to go live. You cannot do this from just your PC or NewTek device
    3. Open the app on your phone
    4. Hit the '+' button on the bottom, like you're creating a post
    5. Scroll over on the bottom toolbar and select "live"
    6. Select "Cast on PC/Mac"
    7. Select "go live"
    8. A window will appear. This window will contain your server URL and your stream key. These items are specific to each "live" and cannot be used more than once
    9. Open a new browser window in your phone and go to gmail
    10. Start a new message in gmail. Don't address it to anyone.
    11. Go back to the TikTok app and select "copy" on the URL. The app will confirm the copy
    12. Go back to gmail and paste it
    13. Back to TikTok - copy the key, paste it into the gmail
    14. Close the gmail window. It will save your email as a draft
    15. Open the streaming tab on the TC1 and select 'custom'. Call it whatever you want.
    16. Click "open browser" in the custom window
    17. In your browser, navigate to your drafts folder in Gmail
    18. Cut/paste the URL and key into the correct windows in the TC1 stream settings
    19. Close the stream window. Make sure your TikTok stream is checked
    20. Hit "stream" to start your stream

    Note: the app on your phone will automatically start to show your feed from the TC1 when you start the steam. When you wish to stop the stream, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the TikTok page on your phone


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