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Thread: Look what I found!

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    Look what I found!

    It's amazing what a person can find when they clean out a closet. Not sure how I acquired two copies of Inspire! Inspire got me started down the LW path. At the time we were using Rhino at work and we needed something to render with, so I recommended LW based on my personal experience with Inspire. I remember it was more interactive in the modeling arena than LW5.6 was when we started using LW. I've got plenty of T-shirts - maybe I need to keep this in wraps - it might be worth something some day.

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    Really nice. And Modo in an actual box - I didn't realise that ! What jiggery-pokery went on with that power converter ? I half expected to see a stack of closet clearances appear in the Classified section after the recent "exodus", but I guess our average age makes everyone a bit sentimental (or is that combined age ? ).. Good find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLexx View Post
    What jiggery-pokery went on with that power converter ?
    That goes to my Amiga1200 which I knew I had somewhere. If I recall my Amiga "brick" failed and I replaced it with that. Now that I have things cleared out and know what I have and where they are, my next plans are to go through things and see if they are still operable and usable. I know I have some original artwork on that Amiga, so maybe I can add a "History" tab to my website and upload some of it - good or bad. (Mostly bad I suspect.) One thing there that I did know about it that new never been opened Dell keyboard that came with my PC a couple years ago - the new keyboards are crap nowadays.

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    Where are LW boxes man? Inspire3d do not count, that's for kids .
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    I think as time passes all that stuff will become more rare especially the Inspire boxes. I'm sure there are already a few software collectors out there but I don't think it's hit main stream popular collecting yet but probably will eventually. I still have my Lightwave 6 box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    Where are LW boxes man? Inspire3d do not count, that's for kids .
    Those are in my desk hutch. I knew about those, this stuff is like a new find.
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    There should be a LW museum somewhere.


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