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Thread: NDI|HX Dropouts and Missing Info in NDI Analysis

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    NDI|HX Dropouts and Missing Info in NDI Analysis

    We are experiencing audio dropouts when receiving NDI video from Newteks NDIHX-PTZ1 and PTZ Optics cameras on our corporate network. Dropouts have occurred when receiving video with either Studio Monitor or the Tricaster TC1. In an effort to diagnose the issue we turned to the NDI Analysis app (see attached reports). There both the Newtek and PTZ Optics cameras report using an unknown codec and data rates of zero. The TC1 report looks normal, though the "Video recv" variation is a bit disconcerting. This all brings me to my question:

    Is the missing data in the NDI Analysis report a stem from an inability to parse the information from an NDI|HX stream or another symptom of poor network or machine configuration?

    9.9.2020 - NDI Analysis - NDIHX-PTZ1.txt
    9.9.2020 - NDI Analysis - PTZ Optics Camera.txt
    9.9.2020 - NDI Analysis - Tricaster TC1.txt
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    I drew this query to the attention of our top NDI guru. Here's what he wrote, hope it helps a bit:

    "I've never run NDI Analysis on an HX v1 source. I imagine it could behave strangely as reported. The file showing the NDI output from TC1 shows some pretty high receive times. That'd usually mean it took a while for a frame to be transmitted over the network."
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