I used the texture filter with some Dp Rman textures (windy wave ) as the nodal approach didn't work too well for me. So, there is a standin black image which has the texture filter applied in the image editor, this black image is then used in the surface editor to link those procedural textures to the UV. Meaning that It's at the same time in the scene AND in the surface editor. I 've used 2 different approaches in this scene and both corrupted my scene AND my mesh, so I suspect that the texture filter + DP Rman textures might be the cause.
Right now I spend sleepless nights to try to complete something before tomorrow so I will post everything, videos and scene file when I'm out of the deadline.
Oh, removing the plugins from the lightwave plugins folder and trying to re-open the corrupted scene (or even the mesh) doesn't change a thing, It still keeps crashing.
Thank you for your help...