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Thread: Sony RM-IP10 PTZ Controller

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    Sony RM-IP10 PTZ Controller

    Is it possible to have the RM-IP10 control the camera selection when the corresponding camera button is pressed? As it is right now, we have to press the button on the controller then make sure it's selected on our Mini. Could we skip that second step by having the controller select the camera on both at the same time? Probably not, but I figured I would ask to see. We're using a Tricaster Mini Standard Edition on the current build.

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    It mainly depends if the IP10 can provide information about the selected camera, for example usin g GPIO connector. I'm not sure it can. I know Pana controllers can provide this information over IP, and maybe over GPIO as well. I quite often use that kind of behaviour but in the other direction, the camera set in preview row on the tricaster would also be selected on the PTZ controller. That's very useful and can be easily enabled or disabled by enabling the corresponding macro folder.

    Now back to the IP10 , if it can provide selected camera number over GPI, then buy a skaarhoj GPI-Ethernet interface, which you'll be able to program to fit your needs. I don't know what you exactly mean by "select the camera on the tricaster" , if you mean select the cam for PTZ control in the tricaster, I guess you'll have to make use of macros for that, so the GPIO box would trigger specific macro for each different command received.


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