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Thread: NDI Virtual Input / NDI Audio Device issues on Mac

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    NDI Virtual Input / NDI Audio Device issues on Mac

    Has anyone else had any issues on a Mac (Catalina 10.15.6) with the NDI Virtual Input app? Specifically the audio side of things. Iím having trouble getting any audio from a Panasonic CX-350 via Virtual Input.

    It works fine via that Video Monitor app but using Loopback to monitor the NDI Audio Device shows no levels at all.

    NewTek support were helpful to a point but then decided to blame the software package I am trying to get the audio into.. even though I canít get any NDI audio at OS level.

    NewTek support did point out that the Windows version of Virtual Input has volume controls from the system tray but the Mac version doesnít and the preferences option from the Main is ghosted.

    Support have now said they canít help me any further which is disappointing so does anyone have any ideas?


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    The issue likely OSX restrictions on OSX 10.14 and 10.15.

    Some OSX applications are set to only allow to interact with software components that are from Apple and the manufacture of the application. For example the latest version of Skype operates this way. If this is set, then no 3rd party virtual input webcam software can be used, as this software isn't from Apple or Microsoft (in the case of Skype), so the software is not allowed to be interacted with.

    It would help to know what software you are trying to use Virtual Input with.
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