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Thread: New TriCaster Owner

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    New TriCaster Owner

    I recently scored a TC550 from the U of M with the HDD that was originally used for the Gophers Sports and found it full of goodies including highlights and graphics so I'm getting my feet wet with the TriCaster suite. I'm an old hand in both the Adobe world and ForA SEG producing training media so this has been quite the learning curve however not as cumbersome as a VideoCube. So far so good I've managed to build up two of my own graphics from scratch but I have a long way to go with this.
    At the moment I'm feeding it with my betacam and DVCAM decks but I'm at a loss with the 1394, it will control my Sony DSR-20 but I'm not seeing a way to output to tape in the digital format. Am I missing something here or is this a capture only port?

    I have plenty of questions but will refrain for the moment, going to spend time poking around the forums for my answers.



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    Not familiar with the older gear but might be worth watch some of the old videos:


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