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"macOS Catalina exclusively supports 64-bit applications. 32-bit applications no longer run (including all software that utilizes the Carbon API as well as QuickTime 7 applications, image, audio and video codecs). Apple has also removed all 32-bit-only apps from the Mac App Store.[29]"

Download LW 2020 trial. You will be able to work in it for 30 days or so.
I guess the installer app is 32 bit.
Not sure if I dare go back to Mojave to install, and then upgrade again to Catalina will solve the issue. It may also screw up the file system.

I've been looking at other apps, although I still love LW for Modeller's menu organisation and clean models.

It would be great if Newtek used the LW 2020 installer to install older, but still used versions.