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Thread: Audio control surfaces

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    Audio control surfaces

    The Tricaster audio controls are very simple, but difficult to control with any precision. The onscreen mixer gets the job done, but the fader throw is short and hard to get a smooth fade. A tiny movement drops the sound level right off the cliff. The fader on the left edge of the video is dangerous because it can lead to misclicking on a video source. I know there's a touchscreen option, but adding a good fader option shouldn't be a $1000 software upgrade.

    Allowing us to add an audio control surface to the mix (pun intended) would be incredibly useful. Many surfaces use the Mackie protocol, so incorporating that into Tricaster would open up many hardware options for us.

    A different option might be to allow us to use one of the fader bars as an audio fader.

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    You should have a look into Central control software, which might help you :

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    Central Control coupled with a physical control surface is ideal. I use the Behringer X-Touch Compact surface which I bought on ebay for $200. Works great and you can make it do much more than just audio control.

    A huge plus of Central Control is that you can operate your system remotely without any additional software other than Central Control (EG, no requirements for TeamViewer or other remote software although I do use them).

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