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Thread: LightWave on Youtube - v3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene1 View Post
    Thanks guys and gals for all the help over the 30+ years. At 70 years old I doubt I'll be using another program. Might try Blender but 'Old Dog, New Tricks' is a real thing - ask my wife!

    I'll take up crayons before I pay monthly subscriptions for something I don't own. Especially to the companies who have spent the last 20 years buying up and scraping lots of great little programs.

    My first car was a Studebaker, most of the aircraft I flew in the military are on a pedestal or in a junk yard, my rock and roll music is on elevators and at some point irrelevant becomes part of your DNA. That said, I Sure hope LW continues.

    All my best, Gene

    You're lucky, you got to grow up in exiting times. 

    Today kids hardly know what a phone used to look like. And ask them what a Jukebox is. 

    Thanks for sharing the story, doubt i'll throw LightWave out the window any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post

    Youtube links! version 3,
    sidenote, only Youtube sites that contains tutorials / tips / tricks.

    Company / Commercial Links >

    Wow! Excellent thank you for taking time to setup those links!

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    u R welcome!

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    I'm not sure if COVID-19 is responsible for this instructor to expose his coursework for all to benefit:

    ...but thanks, either way.

    There are a few LightWave videos in there.

    Samples of his students' work, displayed on his personal web site, suggest he's an excellent teacher.
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    Thank You, might check that out more a bit later.

    especially noticed >
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