When using NDI sources on my corporate network my 860 as well as my 410 will become unstable and crash (dropped frames, momentary lock up, eventually a full freeze). We are using Cisco managed switches and I think the problem is related to some switch settings.

When using NDI sources on a stand alone network with either Ubiquiti/Netgear/Presonus switches there are no issues with either unit.

NDI sources include cameras/scan converter/Live Text. Even just running live text on a PC without it being assigned to an Input on the Tricaster is enough to make it unstable.

Flow control is set to on, what other Cisco switch settings should we be looking at? For the last 9 months our "temporary" solution has been to crossover cable the LiveText PC and TriCaster but we really need our Tricaster to be on the corporate network for access to internal servers/internet/NDI cameras.

Tricaster software is up to date and the 860 physical hardware has been replace/inspected multiple times by NewTek. The system instability occurs on both the 860 and 410 when used on our corporate network. No such problems when used with other switches outside the corporate network.